I saw this post shared by Prince EA on Facebook today and whilst I actually didn’t have the most awesome relationship with my mum, I was struck by some of the comments. Some of them totally beggar belief. Desperate cries for likes and attention – desperate cries for validation. It’s sad. Here’s a selection: Yeah […]

And so ends 2013…

And so ends 2013… By all accounts a shocking year for many. But why? What happened? 2012 began with two extremes: the End-of-Dayers on the one hand telling us it would all be over on 21/12/12 (though I always wondered why they didn’t pick 12/12/12); and the Age of Aquarians on the other promising a […]

The other ‘R’ Word

We hear a lot about rights these days: human rights … animal rights. Particularly after the recent exposure of the barbaric treatment of cattle in an Indonesian abattoir. But there’s another ‘R’ word we don’t hear enough of. Human beings are the most evolved species on the planet. We have been able to infiltrate every […]


Thanks for the reminder from Savage Garden. Words to live by?