Do not forget The Rede

I saw this article today – a group of “witches” in Brooklyn hexing the Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh. See it here. Now first off: I am NOT Wiccan. I’m pagan and as I’ve said before in this blog, all Wiccans are pagan but not all pagans are Wiccan (just like not all Christians are […]

Once in a Blue Moon

Tonight isn’t just the full moon … it’s also a Blue Moon! A blue moon occurs usually around once every 2.5 years and is when two full moon phases occur in the same calendar month. It is a very powerful time energetically and magickally and for giving extra ‘oomph’ to your ritual work. It is […]

“I am Pagan”

As indicated in my previous post about What is ‘pagan’ I am reproducing here the essay “I am Pagan” by Norman G Geldenhuys as a very good, all round ‘definition’ of what being pagan means. However note that pagans are diverse. They may align with some, or all, of what is written here. Being pagan […]

What is ‘pagan’

Language is powerful. Words carry connotations and conjure images that are sometimes correct … and sometimes not. One such word is ‘pagan‘. The word pagan for many people conjures images of animal sacrifice, devil worship and inverted pentagrams. My family generally doesn’t announce our paganism for precisely this reason. As most people don’t fully understand […]

Solstice Blessings for Litha!

21 December 2009 is the Summer Solstice (longest day) in the southern hemisphere and Winter Solstice (shortest day) in the northern hemisphere. As this blog is based in the southern hemisphere I’ll focus on the Summer Solstice – or Litha. Litha is just one of eight celtic seasonal celebrations – or Sabbats – in the pagan […]