Making Comfrey Oil

Our comfrey plant has been going NUTS over the last few seasons and I’ve been despairing what to do with it. I decided to dry the leaves and use them for cooking and tea-making, but my daughter decided she wanted to give making comfrey oil a go.                 […]

Grey Water … the new Green?

It always amazed me that more people didn’t use their grey water for their gardens – particularly in Australia where water is at a premium. In order to use grey water safely though it’s important to use products that are low in sodium (less than 10gm per wash), contain little or no phosphorous (less than […]

Vive la Dirt!

I don’t know about you but I’ve watched with mounting horror the rise of antibacterial hand soaps, wipes and hand sanitisers – even to the point of the most ridiculous: the Dettol handwash automatic soap dispenser. You know, the one where you don’t even have to touch – heaven forbid!!! – the disgusting germ-infested pump […]