This Pivotal Moment

Remembering that you chose to be born in this time, will you answer the call? © Earth Goddess Wisdom

When will it end?

When will the COVID-19 pandemic end? According to medical definitions it likely already has.

Are our socialist kids our fault?

I see the rise of the infatuation with socialist, Marxist and communist ideologies in our young and realise it IS our fault. Decades of economic growth and prosperity in the west has led to complacency and an amnesia that this prosperity actually resulted from hard work. Enter the kids, who grew up in a time […]

Our Tiny Home

2020 – the new ‘1984’?

Shopping used to be fun. I enjoyed the weekly shopping trip. Now, not so much. Over the last 5 weeks I’ve watched things slowly deteriorate and I am now reminded weekly of people’s stupidity. Now it’s eggs. EGGS??!!! What, have the chickens all died? Are they no longer laying?? WHY ARE THERE NO EGGS???? I […]