IS Santa real???!!

This question comes from my daughter year after year and I give her the usual obtuse responses – usually culminating in her frustrated: “Well do YOU believe in Santa??” – to which I use my standard reply “I believe in the SPIRIT of Santa and what he represents”. With a roll of the eyes and […]

Think differently this holiday season

I was reading a fantastic contributed letter to my local newspaper and I thought some of the things mentioned were just awesome! Unfortunately I’m not allowed to reprint the letter here, but have included the link to it below so you can read it online. But the writer has some terrific gift suggestions that are […]

True Meaning of ‘Christ’

I was sent this article by Michael Rowland and wanted to share it with you … enjoy! I thought you may be interested in the true meaning of the word Christ, as it is in fact a meaningful word for how you can enjoy true success in your life. This is not anything to do […]

Honour Your Real Xmas Tree

I’ve always found it strange celebrating Christmas with a pine tree and carols about jingle bells, sleighs and snowmen when the holiday falls in Australia’s midsummer. (In our house we also celebrate Yule in July.) A fake Christmas tree has always been our choice for decorating at Christmas – not only because fresh trees are […]

Solstice Blessings for Litha!

21 December 2009 is the Summer Solstice (longest day) in the southern hemisphere and Winter Solstice (shortest day) in the northern hemisphere. As this blog is based in the southern hemisphere I’ll focus on the Summer Solstice – or Litha. Litha is just one of eight celtic seasonal celebrations – or Sabbats – in the pagan […]