How to stop men killing their wives

Jesus the headline!!!! 🤬 This was the headline of a recent SMH article about the recent murder of a woman and her three children in Queensland by her estranged partner who then killed himself. In the wake of this latest shocking incidence of family violence in Australia, the chief executive of the Australian National Research […]

Men and Women – Never Equal

This image was shared wth with me recently and when I saw it, well frankly I didn’t know where to begin. There is nothing a man can do a woman can’t… but there are a few things a woman can do a man will never be able to do. Like bleed without dying; produce milk […]

Ancient Breasts

Too many women believe there is something ‘wrong’ with their breasts – or that they don’t conform to some notion of ‘perfection’. Many believe that subjecting themselves to surgery will make them ‘beautiful’ or their partner love them more but rarely do women stop at one plastic surgery. It is so important for women to […]

The Giveaway Ritual

I was alerted to a recent newspaper article talking about thousands of Hindu devotees who are flocking to a village in Nepal ahead of the planned sacrifice of more than 300,000 animals to Gadhimai, the Hindu goddess of power. Devotees believe that sacrificing animals will bring them good luck and prosperity for their families. Blood […]