Binding Spell

Caution: You should never use a binding spell lightly – and I believe never to bind a person, but rather their behaviour. Unfortunately our family found itself in need of a binding spell recently when the spiteful behaviour of another became a bit too much for us to bear.  Sometimes it happens. Through misunderstanding, or […]

Once in a Blue Moon

Tonight isn’t just the full moon … it’s also a Blue Moon! A blue moon occurs usually around once every 2.5 years and is when two full moon phases occur in the same calendar month. It is a very powerful time energetically and magickally and for giving extra ‘oomph’ to your ritual work. It is […]

Ritual for Death of a Pet

I was digging through my Book of Shadows and found this ritual for the death of a loved pet. Our companion animals are wonderful creatures – particularly so for children – and teach us many things: unconditional love, live for the moment, and (in the case of cats) to regularly s-t-r-e-t-c-h!!! They also teach us […]

Lammas – A Time To Celebrate and Reflect

2 February – Lammas is celebrated in the Southern Hemisphere. Lammas – also known as Lughnasadh – is a Greater Sabbat – the first harvest feast. The first harvest is done, the last sheaf of wheat gathered. It marks the end of the summer growing period and the beginning of the autumn harvest. This is […]

Samhain – Celebrating your Ancestors

It’s May 1 – Samhain in the Southern Hemisphere (with Beltane or May Day being celebrated in the north). Samhain is celebrated in the north October 31-November 1  – you might know it best as Halloween. Well, here in the southern hemisphere, the Wheel turns and the earth descends into slumber on May 1 as […]