This Pivotal Moment

Remembering that you chose to be born in this time, will you answer the call? © Earth Goddess Wisdom

Do not forget The Rede

I saw this article today – a group of “witches” in Brooklyn hexing the Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh. See it here. Now first off: I am NOT Wiccan. I’m pagan and as I’ve said before in this blog, all Wiccans are pagan but not all pagans are Wiccan (just like not all Christians are […]

Mercy Does More

My heart is just aching today for humanity. It’s all over the radio, the news, social media via #boycottbali  I’m talking about the pending execution of Andrew Chan and Myuran Sukumaran – convicted drug traffickers (part of the Bali 9) currently awaiting execution in Bali’s Kerobokan prison. Their transfer to the island prison of Nusa […]

Immigration and World Poverty

A very interesting visual by immigration author and journalist Roy Beck on the policy of using immigration to “end world poverty”. Perhaps it’s time for an “outside the box” plan to help them “bloom where they’re planted”? He’s not saying do nothing – his point is, current policy is not working and can never work. […]

And so ends 2013…

And so ends 2013… By all accounts a shocking year for many. But why? What happened? 2012 began with two extremes: the End-of-Dayers on the one hand telling us it would all be over on 21/12/12 (though I always wondered why they didn’t pick 12/12/12); and the Age of Aquarians on the other promising a […]