Tell you a secret…

Here it is. I’m an introvert. Some people know this. Most don’t – or more likely don’t really care. Why should they? It’s my issue right? One of the reasons I don’t put my name to this blog is because I want people to take on the ideas expressed because they speak to them – […]

There are no villains – there are no victims

Quantum Perspective on the African Slave Trade – Finding Love – Healing Humans A guest blog from the awesome Kenya Stevens (aka Juju Mama!) There Are No Villains – There are No Victims… Racial Harmony Abounds… It’s a New Day.  It’s a New Time.  In full respect for our ancestors we humbly release the perceived […]

Just Stop

“You treat the world as you treat each other.” – The Day the Earth Stood Still I recently watched the remake of the ’50s movie “The Day the Earth Stood Still” and was struck by the comment quoted above … and how accurate it was – as the pictures above clearly illustrate. I wonder what’s […]


Merry Meet! Thank you for visiting this corner of the web. I was guided to start this blog during a meditation when I received an overwhelming sense of hopelessness and a desperate need for us – collectively – to do something to help our planet (referred to throughout this blog as ‘Gaia’) before it’s too […]