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Are we in a time out?

My daughter didn’t have a phone until she was 15 … she got it because she started dating her very first boyfriend and, well frankly, we didn’t trust him. So I gave her my phone so that she could always get in touch with us. Thankfully it lasted only a few weeks, but the bug […]

The Religion of Climate Change

I’ve been watching the deterioration of civilisation with the recent bushfires in Australia. How a seasonal, for the most part naturally occurring phenomenon can be used by the religion of climate change has been astounding. Watching grown adults attack not only each other but kids just forming opinions and views of the world has been […]

Power of Tree Magic 2

Do you remember back in December 2011 I posted the Power of Tree Magic? In that blog I mentioned the tree healing we did on a lillypilly and also included a picture of our mulberry tree sprouting a granddaughter. I said I’d keep you updated on progress. 17 months later … check it out!! We’ll […]

Climate Change Impacts

There’s no doubt things are changing – the climate has changed for millenia. One thing that’s different today than from say the massive sea level changes of some 8,000 to 18,000 years ago is our access to information via technology. Back then, people returned from hunting to camps that were inundated with water. Now we […]