The Religion of Climate Change

I’ve been watching the deterioration of civilisation with the recent bushfires in Australia. How a seasonal, for the most part naturally occurring phenomenon can be used by the religion of climate change has been astounding. Watching grown adults attack not only each other but kids just forming opinions and views of the world has been horrifying.

Why do I call it the “religion of climate change”? Think of this: Anyone sharing a dissenting opinion is harassed, vilified, abused as being “wrong”. When the scientists can’t even agree. World wide fundraisers are being held to help victims of “the unprecedented catastrophic fires” (note the sources vary in the reporting of numbers and stats but roughly: 2200-odd homes destroyed and 27 people killed – further note that this is by far NOT the worst season in terms of loss of life – in fact since 1918 it is one of the lowest). I’m not quoting size of the land loss because the majority of it is in national park and bush – so the figures are used to fuel the narrative.

Now replace climate change with god and social commentators with clerics; keyboard warriors with followers; and dissenters with heretics. The media with disciples and prophets, and social media as the altar. Can no one else see what’s happening here? The passion with which climate activists and their followers attack, abuse and harangue anyone who disagrees – including other scientists with a different view! – is just like the witch trials of old and just like the religious zealotry we see around the world that results in terrorism today. Articles from this side of the debate are flung in the faces of those sharing articles from the other side of the debate like pages from each other’s bibles – after all, you only read your own bible right? And your bible is … well… right! No alternate view allowed!! And the catastrophising by the media and others is like the prophets warning of armageddon. 

The fires are bad for those directly affected by them, for the animals, loss of life and loss of property. But that it is being used by some people to stomp all over other people is a sad state of the world and humanity. That it is being used by certain sections to promote a world view based on fear and catastrophe should be of concern to us all 🙁

Naturally occurring events should never be politicised. And that’s exactly what’s happening in Australia right now 🙁

Image source: Risk Frontiers via BBC

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