Power of Tree Magic 2

Do you remember back in December 2011 I posted the Power of Tree Magic? In that blog I mentioned the tree healing we did on a lillypilly and also included a picture of our mulberry tree sprouting a granddaughter. I said I’d keep you updated on progress.

Click for larger pic

17 months later … check it out!!

We’ll be attempting to keep the granddaughter alive over the winter but she’s looking pretty good!

A friend recently said she discovered the joys of tree hugging. Have you tried it? Trees are an amazing being – they breathe life into our planet, scrub our air, and ask for nothing in return. We repay them by cutting them down or ignoring them completely.

To sit amongst the trees can be the most refreshing and rejuvenating experience and when I begin to feel the stresses of every day life getting on top of me I always take time to sit near one – preferably with my back against it or touching the bark in some way. Lucky for us we have a number of large trees in our yard. If you don’t, head to your nearest park or green space. Walk amongst the trees; put your hand on the trunk and feel the life swirling within and say a small thank you.

Breathe in the green!

It will do you good – I promise! – and I definitely believe it also does the tree good to know you’ve taken a moment to be grateful.

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