Power of Tree Magic

A number of years ago we had a lillypilly absolutely butchered by an “arborist”. It was a beautiful tree – with loads of energy – and when he “trimmed” it, you would walk out the back and you could ‘feel’ its pain. It was just horrible – so much so that even our (at the time) very young child cried when she stood near it.

So I asked a friend for a tree healing spell. We used it and it was amazing to see how that tree sprung back to life. (For the skeptics amongst you, I had a second tree (same species) trimmed at the same time and did not perform the same tree healing spell on it, and it did not respond quite so well.)

So when the time came in June 2010 for us to cut down our 90 year old mulberry tree, we were devastated. Unfortunately there was nothing for it. The tree was so old and heavy, and had not been looked after for such a long time, that the trunk had split and it would eventually have died from being split in half and bugs/disease getting into the wound.


This time we were lucky. We found a tree surgeon who, like us, believes that trees are living breathing creatures with a spirit of their own. He looked at the the tree, gave the prognosis and said “I’ll give you a day to say your goodbyes”.

That afternoon, we sat around the tree, sending it love and explaining that we didn’t want to have it removed, but it was the best thing for it. We thanked it for the kilos of fruit it had provided us over the last two seasons, gave it our love and said goodbye.

The next day the deed was done and I spent a little time that afternoon grieving it being gone.

But …..







A little over 12 months later, like a Phoenix rising from the ashes, this new little sapling appeared. No, we did NOT plant it and did nothing to encourage it. It just sprouted from the remains of its grandmother.

We are however doing all we can to help it survive! Will keep you posted how it goes!

Now THAT’s magic!


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    Hello! Just want to say thank you for this interesting article! =) Peace, Joy.

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    Thanks for taking the time to comment! 🙂

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