2012 – hmmm

Regular readers will recall my post on the 2012 “end of days” prophecies.

I avoided going to the cinema to watch the movie when it came out but it appeared on free-to-air TV last night so I gave it a watch. Interesting mix of astrology, science, Mayan “prediction”, conspiracy theory and fear-mongering … with some awesome special effects!

It was a typical “disaster movie” and quite an entertaining watch actually – just for the special effects alone!

But it did get me wondering – why is it that we are so obsessed with our own destruction? Our energies surely would be much better spent focused on living our lives, protecting what we have, and respecting all life. We are after all, custodians of the planet … not owners.

We are at the end of the day, at the mercy of the Mother, no matter how much we try to fight it, and in the words of character Dr Adrian Helmsley:

“Nature will choose of itself for itself.”


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