Blog: ‘Cove’ Star Urges Dolphin-Watching, Not Killing (Associated Press) |

In celebration of Dolphin Day – 1 September – here is an article from Associated Press on Ric O’Barry’s attempts this year to stem the bloodshed in Taiji (in English and Japanese).

Blog: ‘Cove’ Star Urges Dolphin-Watching, Not Killing (Associated Press) |

Great to see so many Dolphin Day events happening around the globe!

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    OMG. I had no idea that there was an annual dolphin cull to go with the whale hunt. Mind you, it’s interesting that humans often see dolphins as more important than, say, cows. Global warming or not we need to get in a different direction and mindset. Funny how it took a tsunami to get some movement from nuclear to solar.

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    A large majority of Japanese don’t even know about it Thomas. I think the recent public outcry re live animal export shows people’s attitudes are changing and we are making a shift to the treatment of all life as equally important. That’s not to say that commercial operations don’t have a place, but in both instances we’re talking about needless suffering – and in the case of the dolphins completely unnecessary and government-sanctioned slaughter.

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