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“You treat the world as you treat each other.” – The Day the Earth Stood Still


Cape Town, South Africa: South African riot police drag away a man after firing rubber bullets and stone grenades at hundreds of residents of the Joe Slovo informal settlement demonstrating against the lack of services provided by the government in the Gugulethu township. Photo: www.guardian.co.uk


Hunter clubs a harp seal pup on the opening day of Canada's 2008 commercial seal hunt. Gulf of St Lawrence. 28 March 2008. Photo: www.monstersandcritics.com

I recently watched the remake of the ’50s movie “The Day the Earth Stood Still” and was struck by the comment quoted above … and how accurate it was – as the pictures above clearly illustrate.

I wonder what’s happening to us? Violence seems to be on the increase – especially amongst our children. And that is worrying. Is it TV? Computer games? When I was a child we grew up watching the old western movies with John Wayne, William Holden, Jimmy Stewart and Henry Fonda. And we used to play ‘cowboys and indians’ in the backyard with sticks for guns. So to say that film and TV has NO effect on children is ludicrous. The difference is those movies usually had a moral story. It’s hard to know what the moral is in Mortal Kombat or Left for Dead. It’s also interesting to note that 7 of the Top 10 computer games of 2009 had an M (Mature) rating and one still had its rating pending*. How many 10 year olds are playing those?

There is no doubt that we have been the most successful species on the planet in terms of our ability to procreate and spread across the world, adapting to a multitude of different environments (except perhaps for insects!). But this doesn’t make us the “top” species. If anything, the very nature of our capability for abstract thought and adaptation makes us accountable and responsible for every other species.

Most of the abuses we see against so-called ‘lesser species’ and the raping of the planet are for gain: monetary gain; land gain; personal profit. Unfortunately the summit in Copenhagen proved that our world leaders are incapable of thinking of the world as united in the challenges we face. So what can you do?

Children should be taught respect for everything around them. And teaching children is the best way to make change! If they grow up with a good understanding of connection of spirit it is so very easy then to protect the fragile environment around us.

If you believe the statistics and so many people are against whaling … just stop!

If you believe the statistics and so many people are against harp seal hunting … just stop.

If you are appalled at the rioting at football matches … just stop!

If you are disgusted by the scale of deforestation … just stop!

It’s not hard really.

What do I mean by ‘just stop’? Stop buying from the corporations who are behind deforestation. Don’t buy fur. Don’t buy whale products. Don’t buy tiger and bear by-products. Teach your children and teens the 3 Rs: Respect for self; Respect for others; Responsibility for your actions.

And remember as parents you still hold the kill switch. All electronic equipment has an OFF button. Don’t be afraid to use it. Unfortunately too many parents spend more time trying to be their kids’ best friend than the parent. … But that’s for another post!

“We cannot sacrifice the life of this planet for the sake of one species.” – The Day the Earth Stood Still

(*Source: About.com)

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