Halloween – why the fuss?

Well that’s over for another year. Thank the Goddess! I’ve been beating my head against a brick wall about Halloween for years and now a few friends have been asking on social media why so many people in Australia get bent out of shape about Halloween. “It’s just a bit of fun”. For my answer […]

Does it matter?

Can someone please explain to me why, when my daughter says “We shouldn’t really be recognising Halloween now” she’s told “It doesn’t matter”? Why doesn’t it matter? If we said it’s not important to recognise Hanukkah in December or Christmas on December 25 could you imagine the backlash? But when a pagan child in the […]

Samhain – Celebrating your Ancestors

It’s May 1 – Samhain in the Southern Hemisphere (with Beltane or May Day being celebrated in the north). Samhain is celebrated in the north October 31-November 1  – you might know it best as Halloween. Well, here in the southern hemisphere, the Wheel turns and the earth descends into slumber on May 1 as […]