One of the Biggest Myths About Atheism, Debunked – | Guff

Nicely written article on ‘angry atheists’ Source: One of the Biggest Myths About Atheism, Debunked – | Guff

What is ‘pagan’

Language is powerful. Words carry connotations and conjure images that are sometimes correct … and sometimes not. One such word is ‘pagan‘. The word pagan for many people conjures images of animal sacrifice, devil worship and inverted pentagrams. My family generally doesn’t announce our paganism for precisely this reason. As most people don’t fully understand […]

Who’s Racist?

There’s been some focus of late on racism – it’s very topical right now. I was listening to Jane Elliott on Radio National recently discussing her blue eyes/brown eyes exercise which is used to expose prejudice and bigotry as being based on purely arbitrary factors. Which of course it is. Whilst I disagreed fundamentally with […]

Samhain – Celebrating your Ancestors

It’s May 1 – Samhain in the Southern Hemisphere (with Beltane or May Day being celebrated in the north). Samhain is celebrated in the north October 31-November 1  – you might know it best as Halloween. Well, here in the southern hemisphere, the Wheel turns and the earth descends into slumber on May 1 as […]

Symbols and Labels

Recently I had a conversation with my mother which got me thinking about how many people confuse symbols – particularly those we wear – with labels – particularly those they like to apply to us. My mum has taken to wearing a cross – something she took up only very recently and after she found […]