Live Life – NOW

We went to a funeral today. A week ago, a man known to my family kissed his wife goodbye and went to work. He didn’t know he wouldn’t be coming home. He died suddenly at work – no warning; no previous illness; not an accident. Just here one minute, and gone the next. Many people […]

How to Stay Young

Well, that was the title of the email sent but I prefer to offer you these 10 tips to live by for a long, happy life! Throw out non-essential numbers: age, weight, height. Keep only cheerful friends. Keep learning. Enjoy the simple things. Laugh often, long and loud – till you gasp for breath. The […]

World Peace – Why don’t we have it?

If everyone wishes for world peace, why don’t we have it? This year’s Anzac Day celebrations across Australia got me thinking about how things just have not changed over the centuries of human existence. Why? Human conflict through the ages has been primarily over differences in beliefs: my god is better than your god; my […]

The Meaning of Life?

The amount of diversity of life in our oceans astounds me. From the largest mammal to the smallest creature, they live in a delicate ecosystem harmoniously with each other. We hear how detrimentally they can be affected by human actions – plastic bags and helium balloons that make their way into our waterways and oceans […]