Ritual for Death of a Pet

I was digging through my Book of Shadows and found this ritual for the death of a loved pet. Our companion animals are wonderful creatures – particularly so for children – and teach us many things: unconditional love, live for the moment, and (in the case of cats) to regularly s-t-r-e-t-c-h!!! They also teach us […]

Samhain – Celebrating your Ancestors

It’s May 1 – Samhain in the Southern Hemisphere (with Beltane or May Day being celebrated in the north). Samhain is celebrated in the north October 31-November 1  – you might know it best as Halloween. Well, here in the southern hemisphere, the Wheel turns and the earth descends into slumber on May 1 as […]

True Meaning of ‘Christ’

I was sent this article by Michael Rowland and wanted to share it with you … enjoy! I thought you may be interested in the true meaning of the word Christ, as it is in fact a meaningful word for how you can enjoy true success in your life. This is not anything to do […]

Clearing Ritual Ideas

It’s a new year and time to start fresh! Whilst performing a clearing ritual may sound ‘strange’ you probably do it already. No doubt you’ve heard of ‘spring cleaning’ and you may do this yourself. You may not be aware that a spring clean is typically performed at the Spring Equinox and is traditionally a […]