The Religion of Climate Change

I’ve been watching the deterioration of civilisation with the recent bushfires in Australia. How a seasonal, for the most part naturally occurring phenomenon can be used by the religion of climate change has been astounding. Watching grown adults attack not only each other but kids just forming opinions and views of the world has been […]

Plant-eating carbon?

I read an interesting article last month about a microscopic plant that seems to love gobbling up CO2 – over and above trees I guess! According to the article, cyanobacteria are prehistoric organisms, no bigger than a pinhead and look like black slime. Despite their size these organisms changed the earth’s atmosphere by converting CO2 […]

Carbon Tax – it’s official … nearly

Well it’s in – a carbon tax is through the Australian Parliament and come mid-2012 emitters will be hit with a $23/tonne carbon price. To start. Once the dust has settled and the back-slapping and self-congratulation has died down what does this actually MEAN at the end of the day for the planet? We were […]