Where There’s Love There’s Life

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I saw this quote the other day and I just love it. I have no idea who said it and can’t find the reference to who spoke the words. But it kind of follows on from yesterday’s Live Life Now post – especially for those who are alone or lonely.

“Giving someone all your love is never an assurance that they’ll love you back!heart
Don’t expect love in return;
Just wait for it to grow in their heart,
But if it doesn’t, be content it grew in yours.”

And I think that’s what it’s about! Love is fundamentally the feeling that arises in YOU – we enjoy the feeling of being in love because it makes US feel good! Often we confuse this with the OTHER making us feel that way when in fact it is our own spirit creating the feeling!

Having someone love us should not be the goal!  In the same way no one can make you feel bad about yourself, they can’t make you love. All these emotions arise within and from US as the source – not externally.

Experiencing love – and that can be love for a person, love for an animal, love for a place, love for a pastime – that is what makes us human and should be our goal. So love doesn’t necessarily mean you must be partnered to be happy. It means that if you have experienced that feeling/emotion we call ‘love’, then you have lived!

(The title is actually a paraphrase of a quote from Gandhi: “Where there is love, there is life”.)

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Live Life – NOW

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We went to a funeral today. A week ago, a man known to my family kissed his wife goodbye and went to work. He didn’t know he wouldn’t be coming home. He died suddenly at work – no warning; no previous illness; not an accident. Just here one minute, and gone the next.

Many people live their lives waiting for … something. Maybe they believe it’s something that comes after death – a reward in ‘heaven’. But is that what life is really about? None of us know how long we have here.  For some it may be 80 years; others 60; still others maybe only 21 or 5. And none of us truly knows what happens ‘after’.

We spend so much time making excuses not to LIVE. “I just have to finish school.” “It’s important I get this job.” “I have to buy a house.” “I can’t leave the job I hate because I have a mortgage”. So when do we start actually living?

When we die I’m sure the last thing on our mind is what our grades were in school, that promotion we were passed over for, or whether the neighbour had a better/bigger house than we did. I’m sure we’re thinking over who touched our lives – and whether we touched anyone else’s. Sometimes, perhaps we’re thinking nothing at all if our life is suddenly snatched away without warning….

lifememeWhat’s the meaning of life? For me, it’s the connections we make. The lives and hearts we touch. Some we may never know. Others are standing right in front of us but fear stops us saying anything. Fear of rejection; fear of being hurt; fear of looking like an idiot; fear of taking the risk. But what is life without a few risks. If the meaning of life really is about living, and living is about connection, then what are we afraid of? Sure it might sting if we put ourselves out there and are rejected, but doesn’t that just prove you’re alive? And with limited time, doesn’t it mean we can move on faster to something or someone waiting … just over there … who we may have completely missed while we waited, and waited …. and waited …. for the other person to make the connection that might never come?

In my town we scoff at the local high school students who seem to change girlfriends/boyfriends every few weeks. But I wonder… have they actually discovered what life is REALLY about? They don’t care what people think when this week they’re with A and in three weeks’ time they’re with B. They are enjoying their young lives. Most, responsibly … some not … but for the most part they have realised that life (especially when you’re young) is about the experience! Sure it may only last a few weeks or a few months, but (provided the connections are healthy and respectful) aren’t they living the meaning of life? TO LIVE!! TO EXPERIENCE!!! TO CONNECT!!! If I get another chance at this, I hope that these lessons remain with me so I have a bit of a head start next time!

I’m sure at the end of this life I’m not going to be thinking about how much money I made, what business deals I could’ve done better, the car I drove, or my grades in school – at least I hope not! I hope to be thinking about the people who came and went from my life. Not all were good but all were valuable in some way.

Don’t hold back. Take that risk – put your heart out there. At least you’ll know you have one! Sharing your life with someone – at 15, 25 or 75 – even if that means sharing it just for now – is how you EXPERIENCE life and enrich it! (And this doesn’t have to mean a romantic connection necessarily! You can share your life with friends, work colleagues, at a volunteer organisation….. it doesn’t just mean marriage or attachment!)

Tomorrow takes care of itself and yesterday is already over. Live now – in the present – as if it was your last day.

Only one thing in this life is certain – one day it will be. Will you leave it better by the lives you touched … will you know you totally experienced the gift that was given to you at your birth … or will you leave it with regret for what you could’ve done if only you’d jumped in and LIVED!!! Don’t wait for ‘one day’. Take that trip; change careers; do that course; stop worrying about money; tell that person how you feel about them and risk being hurt. Live life – NOW – while you have it!

The meaning of life? To live! To experience! To share! To feel!! To love!!


“We spend precious hours fearing the inevitable. It would be wise to use that time adoring our families, cherishing our friends and living our lives.”

-Maya Angelou


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We all have our inner fascist: why it's important to have the right to offend

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Let’s be clear. You do not have a right not to be offended. On the contrary I, and you, have a right to offend. Indeed, freedom to offend is a right fundamental to democracy. … In banning even the public recognition of difference, political correctness drives truth underground. This is ugly and boring. It’s also dangerous.

Source: We all have our inner fascist: why it’s important to have the right to offend

Mercy Does More

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My heart is just aching today for humanity. It’s all over the radio, the news, social media via #boycottbali  I’m talking about the pending execution of Andrew Chan and Myuran Sukumaran – convicted drug traffickers (part of the Bali 9) currently awaiting execution in Bali’s Kerobokan prison. Their transfer to the island prison of Nusa Kambangan has been delayed. While this is a relief for many right-thinking people, a frightening number of their Australian countrymen are calling for the executions to go ahead. The main argument for why is “Because they knew the laws of that country when they went there and what the consequences would be if they got caught”. Another argument for proceeding is “Drugs kill people. Their drugs could’ve killed people”. I got to thinking about these two arguments today and I invite you to likewise think a little more deeply about them and whether those reasons are good enough to murder people.

1.  They knew the law and its consequences

This is true – and no one is saying they are not guilty or not ‘criminals’. But my question is how can we use this argument (“it’s the law in Indonesia”) in this case, but when a woman in the Middle East is buried to her neck and stoned to death for being raped there is a hue and cry from the global community about the human rights abuse? Why? It’s the law in their country after all. We can’t have it both ways.

2.  Their drugs could have killed people

Yes drugs kill people – in this case, theirs didn’t. It didn’t get that far. The Indonesian system worked to catch them and imprison them and prevent the drugs leaving the country. But does that mean that Andrew and Myuran should die? Are we now for killing people based on the POTENTIAL for their crime to do harm … even though it actually didn’t result in any harm? In fact, more people die from alcohol-related illness and smoking-related illness than drugs – the only difference being these are ‘legal’ drugs. It would be truly frightening if we were to move our society into a Minority Report type system.

I learned today that 9 fellow inmates have offered to front the firing squad in place of Andrew Chan, such is the effect he has had on people within the prison. Both he and Myuran have rehabilitated. They have both been active the last 10 years working on themselves and helping others. This means the Indonesian system has worked. They are not asking for release … they are asking for clemency, for the death penalty to be commuted to life. They could – and I believe would continue to – do so much good for fellow inmates – as they have done for the past 10 years. Perhaps this was the universe’s way of helping them find their path.

The death penalty is a brutal penalty – imagine for a moment being dragged from your prison cell bed in the dead of night, flown to a remote location and then not knowing when – but soon – you would face the firing squad. Then being led out to stand before 12 men pointing rifles at you. It is impossible for me to imagine and I cannot believe the heartlessness of people who say simply “just shoot ’em”. ACT Bar Association president Shane Gill said:

“The death penalty… brutalises both the society that imposes it and the system that imposes it. Mercy to the contrary represents strength in both the system and a society.”

And despite the Indonesian Government’s claims it is used to deter crime, it is well known the death penalty is completely ineffective as a deterrent. Being shot like a rabid dog is inhumane. A blanket death penalty based on the crime itself (drug trafficking in this case) rather than taking into consideration all circumstances and subsequent events is insightless and does no one justice.

I weep for those people who pass judgment based purely on those two arguments – the same people who no doubt are proud of the fact Ned Kelly is an Australian icon and “folk hero”. And he DID murder people.

Andrew and Myuran may well be “baddies” but they are also human beings. Unfortunately they are two human beings caught in the crosshairs of a nation making a point. And that’s not right.


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There are two Petitions currently running to stop the executions – please consider signing:

Amnesty International

Mercy Campaign

Thoughts for my Daughter

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For my daughter… helping to guide a teen through the rough waters of friendship-building.

I will be here as long as possible to teach and guide you. But I am also an empath and feel how your actions affect others. I support you, and YOUR welfare is my main reason for being. But I have to also pass on what I feel from others to help you over these tricky times. To guide you and so you can learn. Use it while you can.

I love you. You are my heart, walking around outside my body.

If I teach you nothing else know the rule of three.

What you put out comes back to you threefold. Good and bad, intentional or unintentional. So always aim to put out only good.

If you treat someone with disdain, expect to receive disdain in return. Maybe not today, or tomorrow… But it will come when the lesson is most potent. What is disdain? Not acknowledging that the other person’s feelings are as important as yours. Ignoring them because you feel “weird”. Going “so far” but that’s all. Stringing people along because you’re not prepared to cut them loose. Or you don’t know HOW you feel. Really. Deep down.

Image: imgarcade.com

Treat people kindly. Even if it makes you feel weird. There will always be people who like you, who you don’t like in return. For now. But that doesn’t mean you don’t honour their feelings. Or will always feel that way about them. Especially once you get to know them better. Treat everyone the same, always, regardless of how they feel about you, or how you feel about them.

Know that your actions – or inaction – can have profound effects on people whether you mean them to or not, so always be mindful of your actions. In word, and deed. They’re like ripples in a pond when you toss in a stone. Always speak and act kindly. To everyone. Even if they annoy you. This isn’t always easy.

Being popular and the one “in demand” means you can sometimes lack the empathy necessary to understand what it feels like to NOT always be centre of attention. And when it’s all you’ve known it can mean you don’t understand that not everyone knows what that feels like, and can make you insensitive to how a small “sleight” (eg ignoring a text message) on your part can have devastating effects on others. Be mindful always of how OTHERS feel. And how your actions can be perceived. It’s not always about how you feel in every situation. It may frustrate you, or annoy you, but don’t invalidate their feelings, or intentions, or motivation, just because you don’t share them.

Be gracious. If nothing else, know how incredibly special it is to have someone thinking about you. Not everyone gets to experience that. Some, ever. In their whole life. Don’t underestimate it. Or how important it is. It will not always be so. You may be focus of someone’s attention now, but not forever. It is fleeting and if you treat it flippantly because at the moment you don’t share it, the “specialness” of it will be lost to you. Then it will be gone, like mist in the morning sun. Fans are fickle. Friends come and go. Only a very tiny few are worth holding onto, and it may surprise you that they won’t be the ones you’re thinking of right now.

Always be aware of how your actions, and inactions, ripple through the ether and affect those around you. It may not bother you now, but trust me…. It will come back to you and it won’t be nice. Try to see the situation from the other person’s perspective… how would you feel if the situation were reversed? One day it will be. I can promise you that.

You won’t always feel the same about people who like you…. Just as people you like will not know you even exist. That is a cruel fact of life. But to know someone thinks of you often, is a gift you should not so easily reject. Not everyone gets that gift. You don’t have to reciprocate. No one can force you to feel that which you don’t. But you have a responsibility to that person to be gracious, gentle, kind, understanding. To treat them at least as equal to others in your life you view as “friends”. To not do so leaves you vulnerable to karma that will eventually knock you back to earth in a way you can’t begin to appreciate yet.

While you’re not expected to return every favour bestowed upon you, you ARE expected to be gracious. Respectful. Kind. Empathic. And understand that all people feel. And all people’s feelings are equally important. And at least as important as your own.

Know that every day is a new opportunity – a second chance – to make things right.

Life isn’t meant to be cruisey. Relationships, including friendships, are hard work, but if it was easy it wouldn’t be worth it. Everyone who comes into your life is there for a reason: for learning, for growth, or for life. But you never know which until you open your heart to possibility.


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