The Religion of Climate Change

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I’ve been watching the deterioration of civilisation with the recent bushfires in Australia. How a seasonal, for the most part naturally occurring phenomenon can be used by the religion of climate change has been astounding. Watching grown adults attack not only each other but kids just forming opinions and views of the world has been horrifying.

Why do I call it the “religion of climate change”? Think of this: Anyone sharing a dissenting opinion is harassed, vilified, abused as being “wrong”. When the scientists can’t even agree. World wide fundraisers are being held to help victims of “the unprecedented catastrophic fires” (note the sources vary in the reporting of numbers and stats but roughly: 2200-odd homes destroyed and 27 people killed – further note that this is by far NOT the worst season in terms of loss of life – in fact since 1918 it is one of the lowest). I’m not quoting size of the land loss because the majority of it is in national park and bush – so the figures are used to fuel the narrative.

Now replace climate change with god and social commentators with clerics; keyboard warriors with followers; and dissenters with heretics. The media with disciples and prophets, and social media as the altar. Can no one else see what’s happening here? The passion with which climate activists and their followers attack, abuse and harangue anyone who disagrees – including other scientists with a different view! – is just like the witch trials of old and just like the religious zealotry we see around the world that results in terrorism today. Articles from this side of the debate are flung in the faces of those sharing articles from the other side of the debate like pages from each other’s bibles – after all, you only read your own bible right? And your bible is … well… right! No alternate view allowed!! And the catastrophising by the media and others is like the prophets warning of armageddon. 

The fires are bad for those directly affected by them, for the animals, loss of life and loss of property. But that it is being used by some people to stomp all over other people is a sad state of the world and humanity. That it is being used by certain sections to promote a world view based on fear and catastrophe should be of concern to us all 🙁

Naturally occurring events should never be politicised. And that’s exactly what’s happening in Australia right now 🙁

Image source: Risk Frontiers via BBC

Do not forget The Rede

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I saw this article today – a group of “witches” in Brooklyn hexing the Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh. See it here.

Now first off: I am NOT Wiccan. I’m pagan and as I’ve said before in this blog, all Wiccans are pagan but not all pagans are Wiccan (just like not all Christians are Catholic). However I AM a witch – “a wise woman” – practicing the art of healing herbs, positive energy, and environmental connectedness. I don’t hex – though I’ve been accused of doing so. I do ritual. I have been known to cast binding spells – which worked incidentally – but they have never been delivered in malice. Why? Because any pagan with the first clue about connectedness knows what you put out you get back.  By the goddess, even Christians know this one! “As ye sow so shall ye reap.” Sound familiar?

Clearly these Brooklyn “witches” have totally forgotten the most important words of the Wiccan Rede:

“An’ it harm none, do what ye will”.

Or the opening lines:

“Bide the Witches’ Law ye must, in perfect love and perfect trust.

Live thee freely and let live, fairly take and fairly give.”


So I’m reproducing The Rede here in full. I cannot remember where I found this version – it was many years ago – there are a few doing the rounds that say pretty much the same thing at their core though the words used to express the sentiment may vary slightly between versions.  It offers guidance on honouring your path, others, the elders, the phases of the moon, and the sabbats.

Please remember if you are hexing people, there’s a good chance you’ve forgotten what Wicca is about. Please don’t be sucked in by what you see portrayed in the media and in movies.

Blessed be.



Cast the Circle thrice about
To keep unwelcome spirits out
To bind the spell every time
Let the spell be spake in rhyme

Soft of eye and light of touch
Speak Thee little, listen much

Honour the Old Ones in deed and name
Let love and light be our guides again

Deosil go by the waxing moon
Chanting out the joyful tune
Widdershins go by the waning moon
Chanting out the baneful rune

When the Lady’s moon is new
Kiss the hand of Her, times two
When the moon rides at Her peak
Then your heart’s desire seek


Heed the North wind’s mighty gale
Lock the door and drop the sail
When the wind blows from the East
Expect the new and set the feast

When the wind comes from the South
Love will kiss Thee on the mouth
When the wind blows from the West
Departed souls will have no rest


Nine woods in the cauldron go
Burn them fast and burn them slow

Birch into the fire goes
In sign of what the Lady knows
Oak in the forest towers with might
In the fire brings the gods in sight

Rowan is a tree of power
Causing life and magic to flower
Willows, which by water stand
Ease us to the Summerland

Hawthorn is burned to purify
And to draw Faeries to your eye
Hazel, the tree of wisdom and learning
Adds its strength to the bright fire burning

White are the flowers of apple tree
That brings us fruits of fertility
Grapes, which grow upon the vine
Give to us both joy and wine

Fir tree boughs are evergreen
Immortal life in them is seen
Elderwood, the Lady’s tree –
Burn it not or cursed be












Four times the major Sabbats mark
Twice in light, and twice in dark

In death the spark of life is born
At Samhain when the veil is torn
When the time for Imbolc shows
Watch for flowers through the snows

When the Wheel begins to turn
Soon the Beltane fires will burn
As the wheel turns to Lugh’s night
Power is brought to magic rite

Four times the minor Sabbats fall
Use the Sun to mark them all

When the Wheel has turned to Yule
Light the log – the Horned One rules
In the Spring, night equals day
Time for Ostara to come our way

When the Sun has reached its height
Time for Oak and Holly to fight
Harvesting comes home for all
When the Autumn Equinox does fall


Heed Ye Flower, Bush and Tree
By the Lady, blessed be
Where the rippling waters go
Cast a stone and truth you’ll know

When ye have and hold a need
Harken not to others’ greed
With a fool no seasons spend
Lest ye be counted as his friend

Merry meet and merry part
Bright the cheeks and warm the heart

Mind the Threefold Law ye should
Three times bad and three times good

When misfortune is enow
Wear the blue star on thy brow
True in love thou must ever be
Lest thy love prove false to thee

Eight words the Witches’ Rede fulfill
An’ it harm none … do what ye will.


© Earth Goddess Wisdom

Men and Women – Never Equal

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This image was shared wth with me recently and when I saw it, well frankly I didn’t know where to begin.
There is nothing a man can do a woman can’t… but there are a few things a woman can do a man will never be able to do. Like bleed without dying; produce milk to nourish a child, and birth a new life. Hence the rise of patriarchy based in fear of women’s “power”. Paraphrasing Margaret Attwood: “”Men are afraid that women will laugh at them. Women are afraid that men will kill them.”
Over the generations women have proved there is nothing – other than write their name in the snow – that a woman can’t do that was previously the ‘domain’ of men. Men and women will never be equal… but this doesn’t mean one is better than the other. What we are is equally VALUABLE. This is true feminism.
There are things I bring to the table my partner can’t and vice versa so by definition we can never be “equal”. But we are equally valuable. We focus on the wrong things IMHO. Until men and women realise their equal worth, and their worth to each other, we will always be in a mindless, unwinnable competition.
© Earth Goddess Wisdom –

What are the odds?

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Let me tell you a story …. and it’s true.

So it started maybe three weeks ago…. I began to feel someone more strongly around us – not just at home but also out. This isn’t unusual. It’s been happening to me since I was a kid. I’ve just learned to live with the passing parade 🙂 But this was different. As we got closer to Samhain they got more…. insistent. Not only were the familiar “out of the corner of the eye” flashes occurring, but I was actually running into them – literally – and when we were away from home. Like when my husband and I went shopping, I was looking at him while talking and when I turned back I was stopped in my tracks and said “Oh sorry!” because I thought I’d run into someone … who wasn’t there.

Then my husband started to experience it … that’s when I knew this wasn’t “usual” for us. Someone had something to say and they needed to say it NOW!

Probably a week ago I was at my desk working when I was gripped by a sudden pain in my chest – but not my chest – more like my entire ribcage was being hugged tight and I became breathless. “This is it!” I thought. I’m having a heart attack. Then it went. It came and went – with no other heart attack-like symptoms – for the rest of the day. I made an appointment with a chiropractor the next day thinking I’d done something to my back (I’ve lived at chiropractors almost monthly since I was 11 getting relief from ballet-induced chronic skeletal dysfunction). But by the time the morning came it was like nothing had happened.

I decided to investigate further. Someone was clearly trying to get my attention. I’d had experiences like this in the past. As an empath it’s often difficult for me to tell whether my “pains” are mine or someone else’s – and in the case of departed friends or relatives they let me know they’re around – or say goodbye – by sharing with me their pain. Like my best friend who died of peritonitis after battling ovarian cancer who visited me an hour before she crossed over with an excruciating pain in my abdomen at around 1.30am – and I found out the next morning she had passed at around 3am.

So I went to an intuitive friend to tell her what had happened and she got the similar “heart attack” like signs and felt perhaps the visitor had died of a sudden heart attack and was trying to let me know it was them. The only relatives I’d known who had died suddenly like this were my two grandfathers neither of whom I knew very well – one not at all. What could THEY want with me? Later my friend went home and did a reading. She drew King of Wands; 8 of Wands reversed; and 4 of Cups. The last two were very clearly talking to me and warning me about the way I was responding to a particular situation in my life right now. That was totally 100% clear. But the King of Wands? That wasn’t me. Was it the messenger? I didn’t know anyone who was both charismatic, charming, arrogant but also compassionate. This didn’t describe any of the male relatives in my life who had crossed over.

When discussing it with my husband later that night, completely out of the blue he said “What if it’s ….?” The name he mentioned was a partner I had 30 years ago – an incredibly abusive relationship where I was physically, emotionally and psychologically violated. It led to an Intervention Order after he broke my nose at work when I tried to break up with him. I was living in a completely different State from him now and had been for 20+ years. He fit the description though  but I didn’t think he was dead. “Go check” my husband said. So I did.


Some internet research later and he was indeed still alive – had spent the majority of the last 30 years repaying what can only be called a karmic debt with illness, loneliness, and – as it turned out – at least two recent heart attacks. As at 2018, he’s 53. As far as I could tell he’d never been married; never had kids. But he homed rescue cats. (A never before seen sign of ‘compassion’ in a man I knew as arrogant, narcissistic, but charming, persuasive, even kind to others?) Was this the King of Wands and were my symptoms my messenger directing me to THIS person? I dug further …. and then I saw it.

What are the odds that the universe would put this person – who nearly killed me, with the results of his abuse affecting me even today and rippling out to also affect my husband and daughter – literally smack bang in the middle of my world again? He had purchased a house in the middle of the area my husband and I had been researching for the last 18 months to relocate. No one knew exactly where we were looking. I’d not put anything publicly on social media. In a world this big – in a country the size of ours – what are the odds that he would land literally in the middle of the area we were researching?

So clearly my messenger was giving me a warning – to slow down; to think; to evaluate what I have and not be so frustrated with things not happening as quickly as I’d like – and then in no uncertain terms pointing me to the direct warning – that this person was back.

Now – what to do? Do I continue to let him impact our lives and the decisions we make by changing our plans? Do I ignore it and run the risk of running into him? Chances are he hasn’t even thought about me in 30 years. He never admitted to what he did – even in court – and has never apologised. He’s taken no responsibility at all. Perhaps he wouldn’t recognise me. Perhaps we would never run into each other. Is it time I just “let it go” and “move on”? But can I live with the knowledge that instead of hundreds of miles away he’s literally five minutes up the road? How can you “let go” of the trauma caused by abusive relationships – that leave both physical and psychological/emotional scars?

And is this lesson from the universe for me at all? Or is it for him? He has no clue where I am but what would HE do if he ran into ME? Would he recognise me? Would he apologise? Would he be aggressive? Or would this be his chance after two life-threatening events and a debilitating illness to own up to what he did all those years ago and apologise?

My daughter asked me what I’d do if I saw him. I have no idea. More importantly, I have no idea what my partner (who has lived with the results of this man’s abuse including comforting me after I woke from nightmares and my physical ‘remoteness’) would do. He’s involved in this too. Is it easier just to head in the other direction? By doing so am I denying HIM an opportunity to make reparation and take responsibility? Or do I refuse to let him continue to impact us at all?

Right now … I have no idea what we’re going to do….

As for who was trying to wake me up? I still don’t know but am grateful for the heads up. And it certainly reminded me not to ignore messages we’re being sent!


© Earth Goddess Wisdom –



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I saw this post shared by Prince EA on Facebook today and whilst I actually didn’t have the most awesome relationship with my mum, I was struck by some of the comments. Some ofrespect and cherish your mum them totally beggar belief. Desperate cries for likes and attention – desperate cries for validation. It’s sad. Here’s a selection:

Yeah only if your mother wasn’t a borderline personality psychotic abusive put me in foster care and then never explain to me why crazy b**** then yeah your mom’s your best friend otherwise no she’s not. Not fortunate enough to have one of those.

This statement is grossly incorrect for those of us with abusive and/or substance addicted mothers. While I rejoice that your own relationship was positive, not all are so blessed. Posts such as this one are both hurtful and harmful to the children of abusive mothers regardless of age, amount of time passed, or amount of counseling.

What are you talking about?? My mother tried to smother me w a pillow when I was 9, is a lifetime alcoholic, had my 2 sisters taken away and put into foster care TWICE. This meme is bullshit.

Having a crazy alcoholic mother [and father] does not make for happy warm fuzzy childhood memories. That’s why when I see something like this I sigh. It discounts 10s o thousands of people’s childhoods. Insensitive at best.

I like most of the things you post BUT this one needs to be taken down…THIS IS HURTFULL IN MORE WAY THAN YOU OBVIOUSLY KNOW.

My mother is gone and thank God there is no one like her. Some people’s mothers are broken to put it kindly. Let’s show a little sensitivity to those who had a less than perfect experience ok?


I feel bad for their experiences. But how is this “insensitive”? I hear the people who say “But not all mums are great”. Nor all fathers for that matter – I had one who was abusive – physically and emotionally – who used to drown us in the pool; suffocate my little brother with a pillow; humiliate us in front of others; … and more … but I don’t take it personally or find it insensitive when people post about how much they miss their dad or that he was the hero of their life or they just love him to distraction. I accept that people are different and people’s experiences are different. I don’t take their joy as a personal affront to my experience. I think “Good for you – wish mine had been different”. But it wasn’t. And that’s okay.  I still believe all parents do the best they can with what they were given. Sometimes that’s “not good enough” but they still did their best.

What’s NOT okay is for people to shut down others because THEY feel ‘offended’ by a post they consider ‘insensitive’. One comment was that it was insensitive to the “tens of thousands of us who suffered abuse by our mothers”. What about the MILLIONS who didn’t? They should ignore this, keep quiet, NOT celebrate her, so you don’t ‘feel bad’? What about those of us who didn’t have a great parent but are trying desperately to BE one? To break that mould?

I feel badly for people in this situation but you cannot define your life by your past experiences. They shape you but they don’t have to define you. That becomes your choice.

To all the great mums – and dads – Bravo to you! It’s a tough gig.

To those who aren’t so great – you probably don’t even know you’re doing it. We all make mistakes. And I hope you can do better. If it’s substance abuse based, I hope you can get help.

For those who suffered or still suffer – try and let it go and move on – it doesn’t define who you are as a person – it’s not your fault. Get help if you can’t. But don’t diminish someone else’s experience because of your own.

That’s the real insensitivity in my opinion.


© Earth Goddess Wisdom –