Father’s Day

Father’s Day… A time for honouring dads everywhere. But it’s also a time to honour masculine energy, as we do the feminine. To respect the duality of nature, the importance of both, the yin and yang.

A time to honour those too who may not have passed on their genetic code but who are fathers nonetheless. Of ideas, of creations, of inspiration.

Image: www.unityinmarin.org

Image: www.unityinmarin.org

You see, it takes more than the passing on of your DNA to be a dad. There are too many fathers out there and not enough dads. It’s easy to become a father…. not so much to be a dad… And not everyone is cut out for it. I see so many “fathers” out there with kids crying out for a dad.

My own father would’ve been 80 last week. But he was an example of a man who did the bare minimum of what was expected of him. His duty as father. And he got the same from us in return as a result.

When I chose my own partner I wanted someone who would be a dad to our children… Not just a father… Guiding, teaching, being the rock and strength they needed when they lacked their own, an example to our daughter of what a man truly is… And I got it.

I marvel at my friends who have wonderful relationships with their fathers…. a concept completely foreign to me. But I had and still have, influential male role models in my life including teachers, ‘virtual’ dads I’ve met online… And my father-in-law.

My little brother… Not blessed with being a father this lifetime, he is one who should have been given the opportunity. But he is an amazing example of positive male energy: strong but sensitive, guiding where needed, supportive and giving advice. He’s the ultimate uncle.

Then there are those who lament not having kids… That doesn’t mean you can’t have a positive ‘dad-like’ impact on others. You have the opportunity to influence younger generations by your deeds, your example, your gained wisdom…. You birth creativity, can model civility, generosity, respect, and compassion.

So happy Father’s Day to all masculine energies out there. This day is also for you.


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