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We went to a funeral today. A week ago, a man known to my family kissed his wife goodbye and went to work. He didn’t know he wouldn’t be coming home. He died suddenly at work – no warning; no previous illness; not an accident. Just here one minute, and gone the next.

Many people live their lives waiting for … something. Maybe they believe it’s something that comes after death – a reward in ‘heaven’. But is that what life is really about? None of us know how long we have here.  For some it may be 80 years; others 60; still others maybe only 21 or 5. And none of us truly knows what happens ‘after’.

We spend so much time making excuses not to LIVE. “I just have to finish school.” “It’s important I get this job.” “I have to buy a house.” “I can’t leave the job I hate because I have a mortgage”. So when do we start actually living?

When we die I’m sure the last thing on our mind is what our grades were in school, that promotion we were passed over for, or whether the neighbour had a better/bigger house than we did. I’m sure we’re thinking over who touched our lives – and whether we touched anyone else’s. Sometimes, perhaps we’re thinking nothing at all if our life is suddenly snatched away without warning….

lifememeWhat’s the meaning of life? For me, it’s the connections we make. The lives and hearts we touch. Some we may never know. Others are standing right in front of us but fear stops us saying anything. Fear of rejection; fear of being hurt; fear of looking like an idiot; fear of taking the risk. But what is life without a few risks. If the meaning of life really is about living, and living is about connection, then what are we afraid of? Sure it might sting if we put ourselves out there and are rejected, but doesn’t that just prove you’re alive? And with limited time, doesn’t it mean we can move on faster to something or someone waiting … just over there … who we may have completely missed while we waited, and waited …. and waited …. for the other person to make the connection that might never come?

In my town we scoff at the local high school students who seem to change girlfriends/boyfriends every few weeks. But I wonder… have they actually discovered what life is REALLY about? They don’t care what people think when this week they’re with A and in three weeks’ time they’re with B. They are enjoying their young lives. Most, responsibly … some not … but for the most part they have realised that life (especially when you’re young) is about the experience! Sure it may only last a few weeks or a few months, but (provided the connections are healthy and respectful) aren’t they living the meaning of life? TO LIVE!! TO EXPERIENCE!!! TO CONNECT!!! If I get another chance at this, I hope that these lessons remain with me so I have a bit of a head start next time!

I’m sure at the end of this life I’m not going to be thinking about how much money I made, what business deals I could’ve done better, the car I drove, or my grades in school – at least I hope not! I hope to be thinking about the people who came and went from my life. Not all were good but all were valuable in some way.

Don’t hold back. Take that risk – put your heart out there. At least you’ll know you have one! Sharing your life with someone – at 15, 25 or 75 – even if that means sharing it just for now – is how you EXPERIENCE life and enrich it! (And this doesn’t have to mean a romantic connection necessarily! You can share your life with friends, work colleagues, at a volunteer organisation….. it doesn’t just mean marriage or attachment!)

Tomorrow takes care of itself and yesterday is already over. Live now – in the present – as if it was your last day.

Only one thing in this life is certain – one day it will be. Will you leave it better by the lives you touched … will you know you totally experienced the gift that was given to you at your birth … or will you leave it with regret for what you could’ve done if only you’d jumped in and LIVED!!! Don’t wait for ‘one day’. Take that trip; change careers; do that course; stop worrying about money; tell that person how you feel about them and risk being hurt. Live life – NOW – while you have it!

The meaning of life? To live! To experience! To share! To feel!! To love!!


“We spend precious hours fearing the inevitable. It would be wise to use that time adoring our families, cherishing our friends and living our lives.”

-Maya Angelou


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