Immigration and World Poverty

A very interesting visual by immigration author and journalist Roy Beck on the policy of using immigration to “end world poverty”.

Perhaps it’s time for an “outside the box” plan to help them “bloom where they’re planted”?

He’s not saying do nothing – his point is, current policy is not working and can never work.

I took from this presentation that Ron was saying we need to rethink our approach to world poverty if our goal is actually ending it.

I’m not sure it can ever be ended frankly – there will always be the ‘haves’ and the ‘have nots’, for whatever reason and in a place like Africa for example, their continent (together with corruption) works against them. You have a twofold problem there and you can’t beat poverty without addressing both.

Helping people by empowering them in-country may well be the best solution. Framing the policy, and then implementing it will be the challenge moving forward.


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