A Little Knowledge Can be Dangerous??

Someone said to me once that a little knowledge can be dangerous – if that is true then complete ignorance can be catastrophic.

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In an attempt to avoid catastrophe then, let’s make each other a promise:   not to attack someone for sharing knowledge (as opposed to opinion … though we shouldn’t be attacking people for their opinions either!). Instead realise that we can all learn from each other and those who share knowledge they have gained/acquired/researched should be thanked given many of us lack the time, energy and resources to actually search out the information for ourselves. You don’t have to accept it blindly but if you are truly wanting to learn about something, ask a number of people, from all different sides of the debate, and then weigh up what you believe sounds most reasonable given all the facts.

The whole situation surrounding the fast-tracked granting of a damage mitigation permit to move on a colony of little red flying foxes in the Southern Downs of SE Queensland by the State Government reminds me of something my father said once about pregnancy-related books:

“Read them all … and then pick the one that most closely aligns with what you think.”

I think we’ve seen a bit of this mindset being exercised in the halls of power recently.

For those who would like more info based on the science and not the fear, a terrific paper on Flying Foxes by Wildlife Preservation Society.



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