Climate Change Impacts

There’s no doubt things are changing – the climate has changed for millenia. One thing that’s different today than from say the massive sea level changes of some 8,000 to 18,000 years ago is our access to information via technology. Back then, people returned from hunting to camps that were inundated with water. Now we know it’s coming.

This 5-part series by ABC News Environment reporter Sarah Clark takes a look at how climate change will affect other things on our planet – not just us which seems to be the primary focus of many climate change ‘experts’.

How will rising sees affect Australia’s homes and infrastructure?

What effect will climate change have on agriculture and food production?

What effect will climate change have on health in the Pacific?

What effect will climate change have on Australia’s animal and plant species?

Fish in Hot Water as Climate Changes


Well worth a read look at the short videos!

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