Bright Ostara Blessings!

Ostara! One of my favourite times of year! A time of renewal and rebirth, the world is waking up from Her winter sleep and new life is everywhere!

The Spring Equinox which occurs at Ostara (20-23 September and this year on Sept 22)  is the second time day and night are equal (the other being the Autumnal Equinox at Mabon in March (September for our Northern Hemisphere friends or those who celebrate as traditionalists)). Those in the north celebrate Ostara around 20-23 March.)

This is Dawn on the Wheel of the Year – spring has arrived and life is awakening everywhere. The bulbs I planted at Mabon as a symbol of faith in the Mother’s promise of new life at Ostara have pushed through the earth and burst into flower. But not all of them – which to me symbolises the truth that not all our dreams and wishes are fulfilled. And nor should they be.

It is also the time we honour the memory of our unborn son – a true pagan child he was conceived around Yule and was due around Mabon but chose Ostara (22 Sept 2005)  for his early entrance to the world perhaps to teach us the importance of letting go.

This is a time of clearing the clutter, wiping the slate clean, facing fears, of rebirth, and renewal of relationships (particularly those between mother and daughter). I usually spend this time spring cleaning the house, from top to bottom including curtains and windows.

Other ways to celebrate are by preparing the garden, making room for new growth;  sing, dance and – of course! – FEAST! Bake hot cross buns to represent the balanced sun (yes, these are a pagan tradition though absorbed into the Christian festival of Easter).

Make a promise to protect and care for the earth – join a local Landcare group, register a Clean Up Australia event or join in one already going, say no to plastic bottles.

Decorate the house with flowers – like wattle: lots of little suns! – or make garlands and daisy chains.

Celebrate the sun! Go for a picnic, pick flowers, get hold of some chocolate moulds and make your own chocolate bunnies – best of all do these things with your mum.

Bright Ostara Blessings to you! Celebrate the return of the sun!

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The Goddess Ostara or Eostre is celebrated at this time. She is a Teutonic goddess of fertility and spring, celebrated during the Spring Equinox as the bringer of light.

Credit: Doreen Virtue: Goddess Guidance Oracle Cards

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