Once in a Blue Moon

Tonight isn’t just the full moon … it’s also a Blue Moon!

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A blue moon occurs usually around once every 2.5 years and is when two full moon phases occur in the same calendar month. It is a very powerful time energetically and magickally and for giving extra ‘oomph’ to your ritual work.

It is also a great time for setting intentions for the years to come – and at this time think BIG! You may also want to set intentions for the wider community, women, or the environment.

Many spiritual workers, and those of the ‘old’ (or ‘first’) religions, use the full moon for cleansing their ritual tools including runes and crystals, setting intentions, and spell work. Now is a great time to infuse extra energy into your ritual tools with the Blue Moon, and a powerful time for magick.

A nice idea is to use the energy of the Blue Moon to infuse a special talisman – preferably made from silver which represents the Goddess and the moon. It could be a piece of jewellery or a silver coin. Make your wish over the item and repeat it three times, then leave the item out under the Blue Moon overnight to charge it with this special energy.  It’s likely to be cloudy for us tonight but that doesn’t matter. The energy is still present even if you don’t see the moon!

My daughter and I love to simply sit outside on a rug under a full moon – your ritual doesn’t have to be anything more intricate than that – sitting, discussing the previous month and your goals for the coming month – and absorbing the light and energy of the Full Moon Goddess. (At this time of the Blue Moon though remember to think BIG – your goals can be for the coming year or for the wider community.)  Sometimes we add a candle, or burn some incense – sometimes we play our Tibetan Singing Bowl and marvel at how different it sounds when each of us plays it!

There are some great resources online for taking advantage of the Blue Moon and suggested rituals. Here are a couple for your information:

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Ritual for the Blue Moon Esbat (more Wiccan rite)

Blue Moon Healing Ceremony (this is nice)


Remember – in all spiritual/energy work there is no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ way. Do what feels right for you – take these as suggestions only to guide you. Always do what feels right but remember first and foremost – do no harm.


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