The purpose of this blog has always been to try and help people reconnect with Gaia and the interconnectedness of everything. This beautiful video from The POWA is worth a look.


From: The POWA: A Whole New Way of Living

The Aquarian Age is the era of light, an age of awakening and a return to the natural ways.


Perhaps consider their complimentary 7-day journey which is said to help participants:

  • Gain a new understanding of our connection with the greater universe;
  • Become attuned to the wake-up calls in your life that are encouraging you towards your greatest potential;
  • Learn the one thing that differentiates humans from the animal kingdom and how we can start to use this to create the world we want to live in;
  • Begin to access some higher levels of awareness and consciousness;
  • Discover some obstacles that will keep you from your success.

Sign up at 7 Day Journey.

I just did and will let you know what I discover! 🙂

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