Time for Reflection

If your computer is behaving wildly or you find you’re not communicating as well, it could be because Mercury went retrograde on 24 November – and will stay that way till 13 December. Mercury rules communication – so it is said that during the three or four times a year these planetary movements happen this […]

Autumn Goddess Pages

For readers in the northern hemisphere, the Autumn Goddess Pages is now live online. It’s a good read for southern hemisphere readers too though!    

Plant-eating carbon?

I read an interesting article last month about a microscopic plant that seems to love gobbling up CO2 – over and above trees I guess! According to the article, cyanobacteria are prehistoric organisms, no bigger than a pinhead and look like black slime. Despite their size these organisms changed the earth’s atmosphere by converting CO2 […]

2012 – hmmm

Regular readers will recall my post on the 2012 “end of days” prophecies. I avoided going to the cinema to watch the movie when it came out but it appeared on free-to-air TV last night so I gave it a watch. Interesting mix of astrology, science, Mayan “prediction”, conspiracy theory and fear-mongering … with some […]

Mines on the Moon?

Could anything be so abhorrent? Mining the Moon?? It’s not bad enough that we continue to rape and pillage our Mother for as many resources as we can drag from Her womb, but the Moon? Indeed, I read in a recent newspaper article that a camera abord the US Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter has created a […]