True Meaning of ‘Christ’

I was sent this article by Michael Rowland and wanted to share it with you … enjoy!

I thought you may be interested in the true meaning of the word Christ, as it is in fact a meaningful word for how you can enjoy true success in your life.

This is not anything to do with religion, but of what was discovered about human potential before religion, and from which all religions are based.

It is really to do with biology and psychology and the ability to manifest what you want, rather than dogma and belief.

If you can grasp this, you have grasped the secret of life, as well as the secret of true success.

Quote Number One:

The Kingdom of Heaven is within you … Seek there first and all else will be added unto you.


Heaven is a state of being, not a location. If you devote yourself to finding out what this is (it is within you) then you will find your life becomes filled with amazing coincidences and extraordinary opportunities (all else will be added unto you).

The word Christ is not a surname for Jesus, such as in Jesus Smith or Jesus Brown. It is an honorific or a title, which is why in reality Jesus was known as Christ Jesus, rather than Jesus Christ.

Christ translates as ‘The Anointed One’, based on the practice of anointing the body with oil, as part of a spiritual ceremony.

It refers to a person who has entered into what is sometimes referred to, in Transpersonal Psychology, as an altered or expanded state of consciousness, of bliss, ecstasy and divine love and psychic powers.

Christ comes from the same roots as the words Christos and Krishna, both of which refer to a person who is God-intoxicated. This state is also known by the names Samadhi and Nirvana.

What most forget is that it is how you feel that defines your life. If you are ill, or out of sorts in some way, then life is tough. If you feel flat or de-energised, then life is uninteresting or even hard. But if you feel great and full of energy then life is a breeze.

So the intelligent person finds out how they can feel great. Because, even with all the money in the world, if you feel bad it means nothing.

And if you take this aim to create good feelings to its logical conclusion, in other words, if you go for feelings of bliss, ecstasy and divine love, then you finally discover how life is really meant to be lived.

Namaste and may you find heaven in the every day!

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