The Cove – shedding light on a nasty secret

Congratulations to the courageous film makers of The Cove which won an Oscar!

See the trailer:

Trailer used from the official The Cove website here.

The images depicted in the documentary raise in us some pretty strong emotions – but I think it is so important that we channel that in the right direction. Whilst I disagree wholeheartedly with the practice depicted in this documentary, and the Japanese ‘excuse’ that they’ve done it for 400 years so why should they stop (and whilst I applaud the film makers and all involved and their efforts to stop the slaughter), it is important to channel the energy raised from these types of films into a desire to do good, not a desire to harm the perpetrators.

There are lots of things that can be done like sign petitions which are available at the following sites:



The Cove Letter Writing Campaign

Boycott Japanese restaurants or goods.

But above all remember that not ALL Japanese people think this is a good thing and it’s important to use your energy to make change, not perpetuate hatred.

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