Ancient Breasts

Too many women believe there is something ‘wrong’ with their breasts – or that they don’t conform to some notion of ‘perfection’. Many believe that subjecting themselves to surgery will make them ‘beautiful’ or their partner love them more but rarely do women stop at one plastic surgery. It is so important for women to […]

Earth Hour … I’m not sure…

Earth Hour is here again – March 27, 8.30pm local time we’re encouraged to turn our power off for 60 minutes to ‘take a stand’ against climate change. But does it really make a difference? Earth Hour began in 2007 in Sydney, Australia and was the brainchild of a couple of marketers who wanted to […]

True Meaning of ‘Christ’

I was sent this article by Michael Rowland and wanted to share it with you … enjoy! I thought you may be interested in the true meaning of the word Christ, as it is in fact a meaningful word for how you can enjoy true success in your life. This is not anything to do […]

The Cove – shedding light on a nasty secret

Congratulations to the courageous film makers of The Cove which won an Oscar! See the trailer: Trailer used from the official The Cove website here. The images depicted in the documentary raise in us some pretty strong emotions – but I think it is so important that we channel that in the right direction. Whilst […]