There are no villains – there are no victims

Quantum Perspective on the African Slave Trade – Finding Love – Healing Humans

A guest blog from the awesome Kenya Stevens (aka Juju Mama!)

There Are No Villains – There are No Victims…

Racial Harmony Abounds… It’s a New Day.  It’s a New Time.  In full respect unityfor our ancestors we humbly release the perceived ‘pain’ of the past and embrace the triumph.  As human beings we are observers, thus choosers of our individual and collective realities.  The basis of every choice is essentially love.  We are here learning to experience love and joy which are never possible without challenge and perceived conflict.

The African Slave Trade is not separate from Quantum Reality:

  • We are spiritual beings having human experiences – Life is illusion – Energy Based – Maya
  • We chose our experiences for the purpose of learning love
  • We are reflecting one another at all times – we are ONE
  • What you see in me is what you have in you, and vice versa, at all times
  • There is no such thing as ‘good’ or ‘evil’ – Life IS
  • We respect all things, peoples and experiences
  • We created all things, peoples and experiences
  • We honor ourselves – we created the past
  • We honor ourselves – we create the eternal NOW
  • No Victims – No Villains
  • We Are All ONE – All Things Being Possible


I love this article from Juju Mama! Whilst it relates specifically to the African slave trade, it can be applied equally to any human conflict.  In the last few years there has been so much talk about reconciliation, national sorry days and the like. We – none of us – are responsible for the actions of our ancestors. We – none of us – should be held accountable for the actions of the past. No matter how much we abhor them – as any right-thinking person would!

My wish for the new decade is that we all put aside the perceived hurts of the past and move forward as one people. We all breathe, live, love, cry, bleed. No matter our religion, race or politics. We are one species sharing one home.

Thank you for allowing me to share your wisdom!


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