The Meaning of Life?

The amount of diversity of life in our oceans astounds me. From the largest mammal to the smallest creature, they live in a delicate ecosystem harmoniously with each other. We hear how detrimentally they can be affected by human actions – plastic bags and helium balloons that make their way into our waterways and oceans are mistaken for jellyfish and when consumed by dolphins and turtles can lead to painful deaths. Cast off fishing line can cause entanglements that can lead to amputated fins and flippers or strangulation.

Photo: Francesco Marino

Photo: Francesco Marino

What we do affects everything around us. The entire planet is in delicate balance yet we seem to be the only animal that doesn’t get it. I wonder if this comes from the creation story – with God ‘giving’ Adam and Eve the right to ‘use’ the creatures on earth. Is this what has given us our misguided sense of superiority?

It is worth remembering that ancient peoples existed for millenia without this misconception, living symbiotically with the rest of the world’s creatures. Many indigenous cultures still do. It has only been since the publication of that story that we think we are better than everything else. You only need to sit with your dog or cat or other companion animal for a moment, look into its eyes, feel its energy to know this is untrue.

This is most especially apparent when you practice this with a wild animal. The gull that stands before you on the beach; the magpie who visits your garden for scraps; the possums or bats who come to lap the nectar from the flowers on your trees. Instead of shooing them, wait a moment; be blessed by their presence; feel their energy join with yours and know that you are one. You breathe together; grow together; beat together.

zeussept09_colourI find whenever I’m doing a meditation or energy work in nature I get surrounded by wildlife, particularly birds. When I’m at the point of offering the energy out to all living creatures they tend to flock to me. My dog in particular will come to me and sit as close as possible, or lick my right hand incessantly. (I have learned that my right hand seems to be the most powerful for energy transference and healing.) My partner has even noticed this reaction of the animals and has commented when he’s been observing my practice that I get ‘surrounded’.

Animals are innately aware of this truth. We are animals too – but we seem to have lost our belief in this truth. Life pulses around you. Feel it. Be it. And be grateful.

This is the true meaning of life.

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